Vishal Nedungadi


I am Vishal Nedungadi, currently a Visiting Researcher at the Pioneer Center For AI at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. My research interests encompass Deep Learning and Computer Vision, with a recent focus on practical Machine Learning applications, particularly in remote sensing. Incase you are not familiar, an example of remote sensing involves working with satellite images from satellites such as Sentinel 2.

At the Pioneer Center, I’m fortunate to work under the guidance of Nico Lang and Serge Belongie, delving into remote sensing and representation learning, emphasizing remote sensing datasets.

In the summer of 2023, I worked as a researcher at KTH’s Division of Geoinformatics, supervised by Yifang Ban and Puzhao Zhang on Wildfire Monitoring in Satellite Images.

I recently completed my Master’s degree (July 2023) in Machine Learning from KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, where my master’s thesis explored “Street to Aerial View Geolocalization.”

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